We Now Has an Editor!

Hi Lovelies!

I’d like to share that this comic now has an official proofreader/editor! So, what does this mean? Well, including today’s upload, all future pages will be proofread by a pro before they’re posted. Also, I’m aware that there are punctuation mistakes in previous pages, and there are probably additional mistakes I’m not even aware of. Next month, the editor will look over these pages, and I will use his feedback to make necessary corrections. I will then replace any “flawed” pages with the proofread versions.

Another reason, I decided to start working with a proofreader/editor, is because I’m in the middle of completely reworking the story beyond chapter two. I’m very happy with how the story is progressing, but it’s still very helpful to have someone to give feedback. I want to make this comic the best it can be, and I think working with an editor will help make that happen.

As always, thank your for reading! And if you like this comic, please support it by becoming a Patron.



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