RSS, Halloween, Costumes… Oh My!

Hi all!

Some of you may have noticed that the site’s menu bar looks different, and you’d be correct. I’ve made several changes, most notably there is now an RSS link. One of the comic’s readers, xwindows, kindly let me know that there was difficulty subscribing to the RSS feed. With the new link subscribing is much easier. 🙂 I’ve also made minor changes on both the ABOUT and SUPPORT pages, if anyone is interested in taking a peak.

On another note, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! This year I’m wearing two costumes. If your curious what those costumes might be, I’ve included a photo bellow with a clue. Guesses welcome. I’ll reveal the answer next update.  I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!

Next update will be Tuesday, November 1st.

~ Tieback

Halloween Clue 11 16

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