Practice Makes Perfect

Hello Lovelies!

The first version of this page was made on a new type of watercolor paper, and that was a mistake! The way the paper absorbed the paint created this “grainy” visual texture, and the colors were just “off”. I tried to fix it in photoshop, but that resulted in an airbrushed effect, which I thought looked just as bad. So I decided to redo the page using the right paper. Lesson learned.

Since I was going to do a redo, I thought it was a good opportunity to see if there were any changes I could make to improve the page. This line of thinking led me to make several alterations, and I’m very pleased with the second version. I thought it would be fun to share both versions with you. I’m curious if you guys prefer the second version as well. At least I hope so, because it sure took a lot of time to make. I’m still getting used to drawing pages with densely populated backgrounds. People are so much harder to draw then trees. Chapter one and two spoiled me…



4 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

    • I’m glad you prefer the second version as well! 🙂 It’s fun to see how the same concept can be made in different ways. Gotta love art!

  1. A definite improvement with the updated version of the page. The artwork is not only better, but I think the story within the page flows better too.

    • I’m glad you think so! The flow of the original version just didn’t feel right, so I tried to make it better. I don’t usually pages where each panel stretches from page edge to page edge, but I think it worked well in this case 🙂

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