New Scans are Here!

Hi Everyone! As promised, new, higher quality digital scans have been uploaded. All previously posted comic pages have successfully been replaced. Below I’ve included some images showing the difference between the old and new scans. The difference is pretty big. If you have time to look through the replaced pages, I’d love to hear what you think.

Old Scan Two

old Scan three
I’d also like to thank everyone who left comments this last week on page 10. I love hearing what you think about the comic. It seems like Comic Rocket is pretty useful for connecting comic readers and creators. So thank you Comic Rocket as well!

Currently, I’m tackling a new side project. I want to show the process I use to make a single comic page, so I decided to make a five part tutorial series. This series will show, step by step, how I make this comic, from the initial story idea to the final digital file. Pictures and examples will be included. I will upload part one of this tutorial series this upcoming Tuesday, July 19th on my Patreon Page:

~ Tieback

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