Mystery of the Cat Burglar

Ok, story time…

Some of you might have figured out from looking at my ABOUT page, that I have a cat. Her name is Artemis, or Miss Miss for short. I love her to bits, and I’m unashamed to admit that I claimed her as my kitty-wife. She’s super sweet, but sometimes can be a little… mischievous. I’ll tell you what I mean. So this week, I finished a new watercolor and I pinned it on the wall, like I always do. The next day when I come home from work, I notice that the watercolor is gone! It’s not on the wall, it’s not fallen on the floor, it’s Gone! I try looking around, but can’t find it. I’m seriously creeped out, but tell myself there has to be a logical explanation. So, I sit down and start working on a new watercolor and when I finish, I hang it up.

That night I wake up thirsty, and head to the kitchen for a glass of water. On my way, I hear a little “pop” come from my artist space. I creep over and what do I see, Miss Miss standing on my desk on the very tippy toes of her back legs, straining to reach one of the tacks pinning my artwork to the wall. The artwork is currently dangling from a single tack. The other tack, I reason, was already pulled out. With another “pop” the second tack comes out, and the artwork falls to the floor. Artemis then jumps down and starts batting at the stiff watercolor paper with her paw. The paper is propped up, leaning against the wall, and slides easily with each bat. She continues batting until the watercolor slips behind a box sitting on the floor. I then walk over to said box and find, not one, but two watercolors! Happy Day! The missing watercolor is found! Miss Miss then affectionately purrs and rubs against my legs without a trace of kitty shame. The lesson of this tale is don’t hang valued artwork within kitty reach. Because, just like with everything else, if a cat can mess with it, they will.

Enjoy page 18! Page 19 will be posted two Tuesdays from today on October 18th. Ta Ta!

~ Tieback

Cat up     Cat up

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