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Hope everyone had a Happy 4th!  I know I did, and I’ve got a sunburn to prove it! XD
Anyway, If you don’t already know, I create each comic page by hand, using pencil, watercolor and ink. I then scan these original images to get a digital copy to post online. The transition from hardcopy to digital, however, is a little tricky. The scanner doesn’t always pick up the lighter tones created by watercolors. So, I’ve been using Photoshop to help reclaim some of the lost detail, but the improvements are limited. Normally, I’d play around with the scanner settings until I got a better scan. However, the original artwork for this comic is illustrated on 12″ x 18″ sheets of watercolor paper, and the sheets don’t fit on my standard 8″ x 11″ scanner at home. To date, I’ve been going to a local printing shop to get the pages scanned. They scan the pages behind the counter, so I am unable to tweak any scanner settings myself. 🙁

Besides purchasing a large customizable scanning bed and playing with the setting myself, (which I can’t afford right now “sniffle”) I had lost all hope of improving the scanning quality. Then today, when I went to get a few images scanned, a super helpful guy was there. We talked, and I mentioned that I was trying to find a way to improve the quality of my watercolor scans. He said he had an idea and tried a different setting. I looked at the digital images both with and without this new setting, and it was like night and day! I was so happy! I asked him what he did so, I could request those same settings in the future. This week, I will be rescanning all the pages posted so far, and upload them. Page 10, which I just posted, is the first image using the new scan setting. I notice a huge difference, I hope you guys will enjoy the better quality scans too!

Patreon News

New Artwork has been posted! Click link to see new Character Design artwork for Lark!  Also, Page 11 will be uploaded on Patreon on Saturday night.

~ Tieback




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