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  1. Creating this page gave me a craving for Rice Crispies… mmmm….. 😛
    The next upload will be Tuesday, January 17th.

    Hello Forest Critters!

    I’m excited to announce that Chapter One is almost complete! Only four more page uploads! But don’t worry, the story continues, with eleven more chapters. 😉

    In other news, while doing comic research I learned that Medieval Fighting has made a comeback as a sport (Historical European Martial Arts or HEMA). Think full armor, spears, long sword, daggers, axes, etc. There are groups and competitions located both in the US and Europe. Members of these groups try to relearn old techniques from studying medieval documents. To learn more check out the video below.

    ~ Tieback

  2. Eleven more chapters ? Wow, I didn’t expect that many. oO

    I already saw some medieval fighting at a festival. There were several variants, from the mostly public-entertaining ones with winner determined by cheering volume, to the viking melee with two or three ranks of fighters. (including sneaky ones whose job was to get around and backstab the enemy)

    • I know eleven more chapters! XD When the story was just an idea, I didn’t think it would be that long. But a month ago I wrote out the full story’s synopsis, and it revealed itself to be a 12 chapter plus a prologue webcomic! Most chapters will be short though, 25-35 pages. I expect the final comic to be about 360 pages in length.

      That is so cool that you went to a medieval festival! I can’t wait to see one of those in person. I’m going to try to make a Renn fair this year! Fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Just found this and I’m in love with it already! Your style is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for this style of story! Looking forward to many more updates!

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