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  1. Hello Lovelies,
    I have contracted an unknown illness, and am on day 13 of a fever. This illness robbed me of five vacation days I set aside to work on the comic. And regretfully, I don’t have a page to upload today.

    At this time, I’m not sure what exact date I can start uploading again. I’m currently getting some special tests done and will be meeting with an infectious disease specialist. It breaks my heart that I don’t have anything to post. I am so sorry…

    To keep you guys posted, I will post an update message bellow this one, once a week on Tuesdays. I thank you for your understanding.

    ****Update 10/8/18*****

    Hello Lovelies,

    I wanted to give an update. The doctors have run a bunch of tests, and they still don’t know why I’m sick with fever. They’re doing their best though, and started a new series of tests. I am excited that I’ve been able to start eating again. I’m going to try to put some weight back on. I’ve lost 6 pounds since this started 22 days ago.

    I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support. Reading your comments brought tears to my eyes. (Not joking.)

    I’ll post another update in one week on Tuesday, October 16th.

    Big Hugs,

  2. Th EU just past a law making it illegal for webcomic artists to be ill. Unfortunately, Trump retaliated by making a similar law required all webcomic artists to be ill. This will all be settle in the international courts in the Hague, but until then, get well. I recommend a steady diet of squirrel.

  3. Please rest and recover. Take as long as you need. As a lifelong gamer, I live by the rule of “No amount of gold is worth more than your own skin.”

  4. Dear Tie,

    Get better soon, as much as I love this comic, health comes first! Rest, and eat well (looking at you Brian, is a squirrel-based diet nutritious enough for the ill and ailing? Perhaps an ox. Or two. Or some very large magical squirrels XD).

    Hope you get an explanation for mystery illness soon.

  5. Dear Tie: I hope you have since recovered. Your story is absolutely wonderful, and I have binge-read the tale since finding it this morning. May all of your endeavors be fulfilling, and your life blessed with the true riches of family, friends and health.

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