8 thoughts on “Page 75

  1. Hello Lovelies,

    When it came time to make this page, the original design (as seen below) just felt “stiff” and “boring” to me. I played around with several changes, and decided on the version seen above. I’m really proud of it. I hope you like it too!

    75 org

    I’ve got a few extra days off work this week. I’m excited to spend them: drawing pages, making character design sheets, and writing upcoming chapters! I call it a “work-cation” 😉

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    The next update will be Tuesday, October 2nd.


  2. I like the newer page better. Lark has some character development in it, not that she changes, but a new side of her is introduced, along with her motivation in coming to this hunt. All that as opposed to her just saying “ hm, I’m out of the tourney. Better look for some dishes to wash or trash to take out.” Which would be both boring and plain. The posted page is definitely better!

    • I’m glad you think so! As a writer, it can be a little tricky deciding how much backstory and character inner thoughts to share, and when to do it. I’m glad this page gave the appropriate amount 😉

    • +1, we finally have some backstory for Lark! 😀

      … though I’m not as sure as you that Lark doing chores would be boring and plain. In this story, the dishes to wash and the trash to take out would probably be ravenous monsters terrorizing the town, with a big bounty attached to them. (or so says the royal proclamation 😛 )

  3. the torn parchment/scroll look was definitely a fun idea, and the contrasting colors really helps it all “pop” very nicely.

    great work on the whole story. yesterday i finished reading the recently completed hand-drawn webcomic “Above the Clouds” by Melissa Pagluica, so discovering your comic today was a real surprise treat. (found you via TopWebComics).

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