5 thoughts on “Page 71

  1. Hello Lovelies,

    Here is your bonus upload for the month. I’m very pleased with how the background people in the first panel turned out. I tried returning to the “blue” technique I used in the prologue, and I think it worked well.

    In other news, chapter 13 has been written out! And I should have chapter 14 completed by the end of August. On August 15th, I’m going to take the first of my two big tests. Cram time has officially begun!

    The next upload with be in on week on Tuesday, August 7th,


  2. Wow. Chapter 13 and 14? oO

    …and we are in chapter 3 at this point. I cannot begin to fathom what could possibly happen this far in the story. I guess that dastardly squirrel won’t get caught easily. ^^

    I hope your tests will go well. 🙂

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