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  1. Hello Lovelies!

    The first version of this page was made on a new type of watercolor paper, and that was a mistake! The way the paper absorbed the paint created this “grainy” visual texture, and the colors were just “off”. I tried to fix it in photoshop, but that resulted in an airbrushed effect, which I thought looked just as bad. So I decided to redo the page using the right paper. Lesson learned.

    combo 69 r

    Since I was going to do a redo, I thought it was a good opportunity to see if there were any changes I could make to improve the page. This line of thinking led me to make several alterations, and I’m very pleased with the second version. I thought it would be fun to share both versions with you. I’m curious if you guys prefer the second version as well. At least I hope so, because it sure took a lot of time to make. I’m still getting used to drawing pages with densely populated backgrounds. People are so much harder to draw then trees. Chapter one and two spoiled me…



      • Eventually, I will go to cons to help promote the comic. But before that, I want to have at least one volume self published. And before I publish, I first need to have the story fully planned out, so I know how to divide the story up into volumes. Little by little we’re getting there! I hope you have fun at Anime Expo!

    • Also, FYI, when looking at the twain other than by phone but…even by phone, one can see the difference.
      What’s that old saying? Old ways, sometimes, are the best…..
      Same with paper…..


  2. Ohhhhhhh boy!
    Ohhhhhh booyyyyyy…….
    This is what one’d call a major conflict of interest!
    Let’s see: currently living in privation; dad’s disabled & can’t work; siblings are almost at starvation levels; you yourself are still hungry, (oh wait! That funny pale girl gave you a hazelnut to munch on….).
    What to do, what to do…….


    • Be careful, Lark Forestwalker: the Dark Side Strong It is!
      Listen you must to pale funny girl, herd you her warnings you must!

      Come to the Dark Side, Lark Forestwalker!
      We have cookies and 20 gold coins!
      Follow me, my young apprentice, and I shall teach the True ways of the For[est]ce!

      Listen, young Forestwalker!
      Beware you must of the Dark [Forest] Sude!
      Lure you, it will….killing innocent squirrels you must not!

      • Oh my Lord Jim! I literally cried from laughter when I read this. I can’t stop laughing…. XD
        And that fact that a Star Wars reference was used, makes even better. Dark For(est)ce indeed!

        • BTW, , T: here’s what was supposed to have the in-between text…..
          = ================

          Be careful, Lark Forestwalker: the Dark Side Strong It is!
          Listen you must to pale funny girl, heed you her warnings you must!

          (suddenly a dark-cloaked man appeared, masked, a steady breathing coming forth; he says…..)

          Come to the Dark Side, Lark Forestwalker!
          We have cookies AND 20 gold coins!

          ( the dark-cloaked man pauses, continuing his breathing, strangely echoing…..)

          Follow me, my young apprentice, and I shall teach you the True ways of the Dark For[est]ce!

          ( a small man, wearing dark green clothing, speaks to the young Padawan there in the forest…..)

          Listen, young Forestwalker!
          Beware you must of the Dark [Forest] Side!
          Lure you, it will….killing innocent squirrels you must not!

  3. It’s nice to have the opportunity to read you outside of tapas, I’m surprised, I thought that both pages will be the same just With a slight variation in color.

    • Thanks for visiting the comic’s main site! Tapas is such a fun community, so I appreciate you taking the time to visit a lonely little webcomic site. I like having the ability to customize and add additional content for readers, so I keep an independent site for the comic. Thanks again for visiting, and if you ever wish to read the next upload, it’ll be here. 🙂

  4. I like the 2nd version better, mostly for the expression on the last panel but also cuz it has more beards.

  5. I read this on mobile and so I think I lose a lot of the small details, like the grainy page look. I simply don’t see it on my phone. It probably also doesn’t help that I’m as blind as a bat, lol. I will say, however, that the speech bubbles make much more sense in the second version!

    • The first version of page 69 I posted is a post-photoshop, so it’s not quite as grainy there. But I’m sure examining it on a mobile device makes detailed vision difficult too. I’m glad that you found the speech bubbles in the second version made more sense!

  6. I would never have been able to notice anything wrong with the first version, but yes, the second version is better. The crowd looks more… crowded since there is no empty background, the dialogue conveys all the information without needing thought bubbles, Lark’s expression of surprise is stronger than the “twenty gold pieces” little panel, and of course there is the colour/grainy improvement which is especially noticeable with the two pages side by side.

    However, possible flaw of the second version : is “royality” a typo? Shouldn’t it be “royalty”, without the “i”?

    • Oh my goodness! THANK YOU for pointing out the spelling typo!
      It was suppose to be royalty. I wasn’t able to get my editor review the second version. My old nemesis spelling has bested me again…
      I’m gonna fix the error in photoshop now. Thank you again for the feedback 🙂

  7. While the first version was good, the second version was so much more readable and dramatic. You are really developing well as a storyteller!

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