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  1. Hello Lovelies!

    I wanted to share that The Archer and the Squirrel should be good to go for weekly updates starting this December. I appreciate your patience with my current updating schedule. Besides making comic pages, writing the story’s plot, and working full time, I’ve also been studying for two job-required tests. This full work load is why I can only update every other week.

    Also starting this December, I’ll be adding two new Patreon tiers! Ever since I invested in live stream equipment and a camcorder, I’ve wanted to utilize these technologies to reward Patreon support. As we get closer to December, I’ll release more information about the new tiers and their rewards.

    The next update will be Tuesday, July 3ed.



  2. Tournament arc time! First come the small fry, then before the final match she’ll have to go on a training arc and defeat the big bad guy …

    • That’s quite the prediction you got there. I’ll admit, I try to honor some of the tropes found in medieval fantasy, but I also throw in a few surprises. 😉

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