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  1. Hello Lovelies,

    I have something personal I’d like to share with you. Several months ago, a close relative passed. This relative was a well established watercolor artist and just a really cool woman in general. She helped me learn and grow a great deal as an artist.

    After she passed, her light box was given to me as a gift. This was a piece of equipment that I’ve been saving for, for quite a while. And while I was very grateful and excited to finally have a light box, it was still difficult for me to use it.

    light box

    Since the passing of this relative, I’ve been “burning” through my comic’s buffer without drawing any new pages. But last week, I finally made a new page, and I used the light box for the first time. I made page 66, which will be posted at the end of this month. This page will be dedicated to the memory of my relative. Thanks for letting me share with you.

    This month is a five Tuesday month, so you will get a bonus page upload on the 29th. The next page update will be on Tuesday, May 15th.


  2. T
    Sheryl & I extend our sympathies. Hope you enjoy the light box as a treasure for years to come, in remembrance of her & her talent & the help she gave you in what I can clearly see is a fantastic talent.
    Consider it a passed down blessing, if you will.

    • I second what James Kern wrote. Couln’t have written it better myself.

      Also, I didn’t know you could use a light box for painting. What does it help with?

      • I use the light box to help me trace line work. You see, before I paint anything, I first need to draw out the whole page on watercolor paper. This is the line work phase. It can take a few “revisions” to draw something the way I want it. If I were to work through these “revisions” on the final piece of watercolor paper, the watercolor paper would be covered in smudges, eraser marks, and the final painting would look sloppy. So to get around this, I work through my line work revisions on a separate piece of computer paper. Once I have something drawn just right, I then trace that line work on the final piece of watercolor paper. To trace I use the light box. Before the light box, I had to tape things to a window or use a piece of plexi glass sitting on top of a lamp. The light box works much better then these alternatives.

    • BTW, T: my wife’s awaiting her Light Box.
      With your explanation on how exactly you use it, (hey! I don’t know everything! I admit!), I can see why she’d want hers.
      Thank you for clarifying.
      You ARE going to do a video on that, right?
      Thanks again….

    • Thank you for bringing this to my attention Chaos. The nest is supposed to be out of reach, and I did not communicate that well with the artwork. I’ve edited the artwork to better reflect my intentions. Thanks again 🙂

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