7 thoughts on “Page 63

  1. Hello Lovelies!

    I just love drawing this crow! Hope he brings as much joy to you as he does to me. 😉

    Some of you may recall me mentioning this before. As of right now, The Archer and the Squirrel’s plot is incomplete. When I started this comic, I had a fully developed plot. However, by the time I was halfway done drawing chapter one, I decided the story needed to go differently. Since then, I’ve been rewriting the story. Now the story has eight finalized chapters, but I can tell it still will have quite a few chapters after that. As I work on the plot, I find inspiration from various sources. I wanted to share with you a song, that I’ve been finding particularly inspirational at this time. Enjoy 🙂

    The next page upload will be Tuesday, May 1st.


  2. I just read through your comic— a very nice story with beautiful artwork. The watercolors are quite lovely, you definitely have a mastery with them! And a strong protagonist.

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