4 thoughts on “Page 62

  1. Hello Lovelies,

    Just a heads I’ll be doing a public live stream 4/3/18 Tueasday at 5pm MST. You can view the live stream on my Youtube channel: Tieback Comics. Hope you see you there. Youtube instant messenger will be active if you’d like to say hi.

    The next update will be April, Tuesday 17th.


  2. Well, Tie, I subscribed to your T-back channel. I gotta say, no I see how your painting process works, (especially how effective Artie’s tail is when you’re trying to work or her paws always reaching for your brush hand).
    😁 I guess Art’s your muse, eh…..
    It’s…..been enlightening, your process is. Now I see why your work is so labor intensive & in honesty well worth it…..

    • Thanks for subscribing to the channel Jim, and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the videos! I plan to be adding more videos as the comic goes on. And yes, Artemis is definitely a mixed source of inspiration and mischief when it comes to art making!

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