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  1. Hello Lovelies!

    Here is the illustration that was made last week during our first live stream. I’m really happy with how it turned out! The sketching and painting part is complete, but it still needs to be inked. I’ll be inking it tonight at 6pm MST during a second live stream. This live stream will also be a Patreon only event.

    live stream picture

    The recording of last week’s live stream has been edited and posted on youtube. I split the recording into two parts: Sketching Part 1/3 & Painting Part 2/3. Below is Part 1/3. You can view Part 2/3 on my Youtube channel: Tieback Comics

    Hope to see you at tonight’s stream!

    The next page will be posted in two weeks on Tuesday, April 3ed.


  2. Let me guess… Lark’s new friend is called Hazel? If not, then she’s in for quite some explaining to be done.

    I really love this comic. Just read it for the… third? … fifth? … time, maybe? And I recommended it to many other readers. Focused and light enough to not get tiresome after the N-th time, and very lovely and charming to always be a pleasure to read. I partially needed those re-reads to not forget the context of what’s happening. For example, as this page here released, I totally forgot about that side plot with our wounded crow, even that it had swift small talk with Hazel (?). Other times, I just felt like reading this again. Come to think of it… there is no other comic I’ve read again and again that often.

    I am sincerely lookin’ forward to having the finished Archer and the Squirrel printed in my book shelf. =)

    • Wow! Thank you Kerlchen for the kind words.
      It means so much to me that you enjoy the comic, and I’m glad that you like rereading it!
      I’m so grateful that readers like you stick with this comic, despite the every other week updates. I can’t wait to be in the position that I can switch to weekly updates. I’m shooting to start weekly updates November 2018.
      Also, in the future, I do plan on self publish the comic, so you can reserve a spot on your bookshelf for it!

      • Well, I am very much lookin’ forward to the quicker release cycle, though I’m patient. 😉 Great things are worth waiting for.

  3. Tieback I love your speed drawing/painting videos! I hope you are going to do more of those. Do you have another live stream planned anytime soon?

  4. I suppose technically a webcomic in watercolor/inks doesn’t *have* to be good. All the same I’m pleased that my first reflexive thought on seeing the link to this site was born out.

    Apologies, but I’ve been thinking of Squirrel as Squirrel since the first or second page she appeared. I tried, “mysterious unknown girl,” but it just wouldn’t stick no matter how much glue I used. If she starts calling herself something else that’s fine, but until then she’s Squirrel as far as I’m concerned (and Lark must be a story deprived person, because I agree with Squirrel that it was totally obvious who she was and that Lark should have been able to guess. Extra hints even!).

    If it’s that sort of tale I’m inclined to think that the nut is really a (very small) hazelnut bush, though if you’ve been tasked with cutting it down with a dull tool while unripe fruit are smacking you in the face with balls of prickles then it may be a very long string of curse words and imprecations instead. Hazelnuts are like that sometimes.

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