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  1. Hello Lovelies,

    I have great news! I now have all the wires and do-dads properly set up to host an illustrating live stream! And for the first stream, I’m holding a special Patreon invite only event next week! So, if you’re not yet a Patreon, there is still time to join in. To check out The Archer and the Squirrel’s Patreon Page click HERE. On Patreon, there is a survey to pick the exact date and time of the stream. That pole closes Sunday night, 3/11/18, so cast your votes now!

    live stream

    In other news, I’ve been working with my editor on the comic’s plot. Since I first started this comic, almost two years ago, the story has developed and grown considerably. Seriously, the current version looks nothing like the original, and I promise that’s a good thing XD. As of now, I have chapter four and five ironed out. It also became necessary to create World Maps and a World History for the comic, and that has been completed as well. I am so excited with the new direction that the story is taking, I can’t wait to share it with all of you! As always, thank you for the love and support!

    The next update will be Tuesday, March 20th.


  2. Tie;
    Based so far on what I’ve seen, it’s roughly a 12-13th century world. I’m anxious to see your world map & history!

  3. BTW, I’ve been studying your get-up.
    As I said before, nicely done. Thanks for more detailed close-up pic; I can see you used those lamps we saw at IKEA. I take it you’ve done your metering to get a balanced light ratio across the subjects.
    I’m sure, though, you’ve got that down pat, (silly me).
    If I can swing it, I’ll try to afford Patreon for you to see those live feeds.
    Meanwhile I wish you lots of luck…..

    • Thank you, I think the set up turned out pretty nicely 🙂 I’m super excited to try it out next week! Hope to see u there 🙂
      And in response to your previous post, I did take inspiration from different times and countries throughout medieval Europe. Eventually, the world history and maps may become available, but to avoid spoilers, I will have to wait to to do that 😉

        • I know, I know. And I hate to disappoint, but I hate to spoil the story even more, so alas, I must keep secrets.
          However, if you want to see behind the scene goodies, $5 Patreons get exclusive access to Character Design and Bio sheets, as well as future comic pages in progress. Also, I plan to upload the world map on Patreon after chapter three is all up.

  4. I just found this comic and love it! Don’t see many webcomics done in watercolor. The guy shouting thief, that’s the same guy from the woods that shot the crow, right?

    • So glad you found the comic and like it! Thanks for reading. 🙂 Yep, the guy in the panel is the same one from earlier. You’ll learn more about him in later chapters.

  5. Does he mean her? Someone else obviously stole something from him, but the first face he sees will be the accused. Maybe squirrel girl stole something.

    • Lark certainly seemed to have a mini heart attack when she heard someone yell, “Thief”.
      Maybe she’s a sleep walker/stealer.
      Or maybe it was the squirrel.
      Or maybe it was someone else….
      Dun Dun Dun!
      Stay tuned to find out!

  6. My vote is that an evil critter is going around stealing things.
    Oh, look there he is! It’s an orange fox wearing a mask!
    Bad Swiper! No Swiping!

    Ok, I know that was bad, but I’ve watched too much Dora with my little girl to resist.
    Again, great comic!

  7. Crows traditionally like to steal glittery things. But of course I’d never accuse anybody of being a thief just because of racial bias …

    Nice comic so far. Great style.

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