11 thoughts on “Page 57 & 58

  1. Hello Lovelies,

    As promised, here is the special upload. It’s a double pager, literally! As a comic artist, I’ve always wanted to make a two page spread. It was fun to make, and I’m happy with how it turned out.

    To view each page separately, click here: 57 & 58

    I’m excited to share that The Archer and the Squirrel was spotlighted on SmackJeeves this week! If you haven’t visited SmackJeeves, it’s worth a look. There are some great comics on there.

    smack J sm

    As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I recently invested in a camcorder and video editing software so I can do lifestreams and film speed painting videos in the future. I wanted to practice using these new tools, so I made short video. In the video’s credits, I give a shout out to Patreons because their support made these purchases possible. Hope you enjoy the video!

    The next update will be Tuesday, February 20th.

    Hugs, Tieback

  2. Very impressive, Tie.
    However, I thought you’d have extra table for that unicorn who paints in watercolors.😏
    Seriously, though, I enjoyed your presentation. Actually, in the short format, nicely done professional work. Your selections & reasonings for your paints & tools are quite admirable.
    I enjoyed it immensely.
    Keep it up!

    • I hear there is a table for the watercolor painting unicorn. But alas, it is located behind the little door located in the cupboard, under my bathroom sink. I haven’t even seen what’s inside there. Seriously! I think the door’s magic only lets tinny unicorns pass though. I say “Grrr” to magic wards!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I look foreword to making more of those, after I get some other things set up and lined up!

  3. Wonderful colours. I recommend doing a right click then “show image” on this page to admire it in full size.

    Also, nice and interesting little video.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Gorzag. I don’t know how to set up the right click function, but I’ve added a link to see each page separately in the comments. Next time I see my website guy, I’ll ask him to teach me how to set up a right click. Also, nice icon image!

      • Well, the right click worked for me without any setup needed. (it just shows the standard options for when you right click on any image) It doesn’t for you ?

        • Oh my! LOL! I totally read your original message wrong. But to answer you latest question, no. The right click doesn’t work for me. At least, not that I’m aware of. So I guess it worked out that I added the links, just in case anyone else has a problem viewing them closely. Sorry for the miss-read on my part.

  4. I always love it when a painter mixes their own colors. I suck at it with watercolor, at least in the palette–I’m more of a wet-mix on the page kind of guy, but that doesn’t work for certain stuff (skin tones! gaaaaaah! Seriously, if I could figure out skin tones, I’d have at least one of my comics up and running by now…. maybe.).

    As for paper, if you go to Jerry’s, you can probably get Fabriano watercolor pads. I love those because they’re 50-75 pages per pad instead of like, 20, and they’re per-page really cheap, but still excellent paper. I recommend them to everyone, because seriously, 50 sheets of good-quality watercolor paper for less than $35? I’ve never seen them anywhere else, for whatever reason (mostly because Jerry’s is the only proper art supply store in my area (we have a Michaels and—gaaah–Hobby Lobby, but those are more craft supply stores), and I like to buy stuff in store so I can touch and poke things).

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