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  1. Hello Lovelies,

    I hope you enjoy the cover art for Chapter Three. Each chapter in this comic will have cover art page. And each cover art page will reveal something about the chapter. Any guesses what will happen in chapter three?

    The next upload will be in one week on Tuesday, February 6th, and it’s going to be extra special.

    See you soon,

  2. Hmmm… Guessing time, I guess. Let’s look back at the previous cover arts.

    Prologue : a tree. Not easy to find something revealed here. That’s also the only tapestry with tassels on the sides. Not sure if it matters, though, and if it does I have no clue how.

    Chapter 1 : More trees and Lark, eyes closed and an arrow readied on her bow. Hmmm… The closed eyes seem the most likely candidate for a subtle hint, but what would it be ? Unless it is that little pointy branch on the right side that points menacingly towards her ? Is there some unseen evil in the forest ? (we have yet to see any evil deed allegedly commited by the monstrous squirrel)

    Chapter 2 : even more trees (is the growing number of trees a hint ?), not-a-hazelnut-girl performing a fourth-wall-breaking shush gesture, and white roses. That last part screams about symbolism but flower symbolism can mean a lot of different things. Google does not really help. My best guess is about the shushing gesture, since there were a lot of hints for readers in this gesture, while Lark didn’t get most of them. So… something like “please keep my secret” ?

    Chapter 3 : NO TREES OO !!?? What happened to the trees ? Not sure if it is as relevant as I make it seem, but I expect a change of scenery. Also, there is that chest. It is probably page 4’s chest of gold. So… is the squirrel getting caught in chapter 3 ? Is someone going to pretend he caught the squirrel ? Is there going to be a big outdoors reward ceremony, hence the pavilion and banners ?

    • I’m impressed with the amount of thought you put into this analysis! Hats off to you! Dang, you put me in a tight spot, as I’d really like like to confirm the parts that you hit on the noise. However, the cover art symbolism doesn’t only hint at what will happen in that chapter, it also hints at past events, and things that will be revealed later in the story. So, in an effort to avoid possible spoilers, I will leave you with two things:

      1. All the chapter cover art pages will depict a tapestry hanging on a stone wall backdrop. This is a stylistic decision meant to complement the medieval/fantasy setting of the story. You were sharp to notice that the prologue was the only cover art page to include tassels. The prologue is the start of the story, where the curtains are drawn back. And what is used to tie back the curtain? Yep, tassels! Also, I might have included this symbol for another purpose, that may or may not have something to do with my pen name. 😉

      2. The symbol used in the prologue is a single tree. In the prologue we learn about the kingdom, the beast/squirrel, the bounty, and meet Lark. It’s the story’s set up. But the moment that the story actually begins, is when Lark enters into the forest. The single tree represents the forest, the unknown place where our protagonist must go. Also, trees and the forest play an important role in this world’s history. And it was for that reason as well, that I thought it appropriate to use a tree in the prologue’s cover art page.

      • So the tassels really had a meaning, nice! 🙂

        Also, I realize I made a typo in my first comment : near the end of the Chapter 2 part, it should be “since there were a lot of hints for readers in this CHAPTER” (dammit)

  3. Loving the story so far and your artwork is a delight. There are so few webcomics these day that hand drawn and painted and it makes a very refreshing change.

      • Unicorns?!?!
        Where’re they at?
        Anyone photo’d them & shared on FB??
        I believe there are more unicorns on this world than those hapless few (like you, Tie) that work with watercolors.
        Ugh! I’m a disaster; sorry about that.
        But, seriously, Tie-I like your comic because you’ve shown uncanny mastery (& pride in that) in working with watercolors, ( unlike yours truly, Jimmy the painting disaster-ask my wife)

        • LOL. 😀
          Yes, both watercolor comic artists and unicorns are rare.
          But do you know what’s even more rare?
          …Unicorns that paint comics in watercolor!
          I haven’t seen one yet, but I bet there is at least one out there!

          • I shall endeavor to look for that special unicorn.
            Cute Animal Videos (Twitter? Facebook?)

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