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  1. Hello Lovelies,

    Just sent the revised version of chapter three off to the editor. The first round of feedback was very helpfulI. I can’t wait to see how version 2.0 is received!

    Also, I just completely filled an art archival box with completed pages. Dang! So many pages! In order to accommodate future pages, I hopped over to my favorite art supply web-store, Jerry’s Artarama, and bought a new art storage box and some acid free tissue paper.
    art box
    The next page will be uploaded Tuesday, December 5th.



  2. Oh ho ho!
    Me thinks there be a bit ‘o’ flirtery going on here, y’think!
    Oh boy, Lark-looks like the squirrel Got you!

  3. I gotta say, this is one of those comics you wished you found out about 2-3 years from now. It’s interesting, pulling and the art is very nice but the updates are a drag.
    I’m not gonna complain tho cause I know each page takes time and effort (been following another amazing comic for +3 years with the updates and I can swallow the years again for this. I think it’s worth it)
    Again, great job
    Keep it up
    Awaiting each page with great excitement.

    • First, thank you for the complements! I greatly appreciate the support.

      Second, I also wish it was possible to commit to more frequent updates. I’ll be switching to weekly updates after I pass some tests. However, it will be a while before that happens . Oh the things I would do if income was not a concern…

      Again thank you for your willingness to stick with this comic. I think you’ll find your patience and dedication rewarded.

      • I understand the struggles of living life and finding the time to publish this FREE comic for us. I’ve always been the most patient person I know and I won’t be greedy about this comic (even tho I’m dying of curiosity)

        So once again
        Take your time, create when you have time =D

  4. I like the artwork and think that the choice of traditional media (paper and paint) is paying off. This story is looking great.
    Looking forward to the next episodes.
    Good luck with the editorial incursions.

    • Thank you Karl. When I started this comic, I knew using a tablet would make things quicker and easier, but I love traditional media so much. So I went with watercolor and ink. I think it was a good choice too!

  5. I congratulate you for all your hard work!! Being an artist is really hard and easily unrewarding (that I’ve found 😞) so I hope you get the recognition you deserve! I’d love to see this be a physical copy out in bookstores~ 💕 To me there needs to be more LGBTQ+ stories out there that are like this, not just raunchy sex stories that are everywhere.

    Bluh, anyways!! My original comment!

    although now that I think of it, maybe it’s just “Hazel” instead 😆 that’s cute!

  6. Fun fact: I met Jerry of Jerry’s Art-A-Rama once. He was wandering around the physical store in Houston, back when I lived there. He signed a doll of himself and gave it to me, for reasons I still don’t quite understand. I have no idea what happened to the doll, I don’t seem to have it anymore.

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