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  1. Happy Halloween Lovelies!

    As implied last update, I’m revealing both my Halloween costume and Hogwarts House. Yep, I’m a Ravenclaw!

    The next update will be in a week on Tuesday, November 7th.


    halloween costume 2017

  2. Wow!
    Tie, that’s pretty good!
    One of our nephews & his fiancée do cosplay at conventions, (I believe she’s involved with gaming & the cosplay’s an extension of it for her firm & he digs it.
    I believe she did something similar.
    My wife & our boys went to a couple or more of the recent conventions including Warcraft & ComicCon in San Diego (I’m certain you ran into them).
    So seeing your get-up is awesome.
    Have fun.

    • Thanks Jim! I do love cosplay. I used to be very active in the cosplay community, but got away from it in recent years.
      Life got busy…
      However, I’m trying to back into sewing again.
      Oh the things I would do if my life was fully sponsored. XD

  3. Very nice costume. (you even have the witch familiar :P)

    So… not-a-zombie girl’s name is… “a snack”. I’m not confused at all. Nope. This is totally what I expected.

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