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  1. Good Day Lovelies!

    I’m excited to state that The Archer and the Squirrel has gained two new patrons! This moves up the current pledge total to $19 a month. Thank you so much! The Archer and the Squirrel is now only $11 away from becoming a weekly updating comic. We are so close, I know we can make it happen! If you would like to support this project, click the Patreon link below. As a patron, not only do you support this comic, but you also get early/exclusive access to The Archer and the Squirrel goodies!


    I hope you enjoy page 38. The next update will be a bonus page upload, and that will be posted on Tuesday, June 27th.



  2. Have you ever watched the Irish movie “The Secret of Khells”? It’s been years since I watched it, but this story reminds me a lot of it 🙂 ((the only difference is that your story is way more interesting lol))
    I just wanted to pop in and say I really like this story so far, even if nothing much has happened as of yet! Lark is a really admirable character 😊 And your art style is wonderful!! It’s so fresh and the way you paint/draw the forest makes it seem so alive! I like it a lot because the backgrounds remind me of where I live 😆
    I’m jealous, because I’ve been wanting to start a web comic for years! Teach me your ways!! (Half joking XD) anyhoo, great job so far~~ looking forward to new updates!!

    • Yes, I’ve seen that movie. I’m honored that my work reminds you of such a fantastically done animation. And thank you for all the kind words. They mean so much to me!

      Starting a webcomic is an amazing experience, and it will force you to grow as an artist. If you’re considering it, I recommend Tapas. It’s a webcomic hosting site that is free. It has a great forum for artists as well. https://tapas.io/

      Good luck!

      • I’m glad to help motivate or make you feel good about yourself; whichever one works best 😂☺️I completely lost this comic and finally somehow came around to finding it again!! (Thaaank you, Facebook!) I’m really excited to be catching up lol 😆

        You know, I was thinking of joining Tapastic!! Is it just Tapas now? ((I haven’t checked because I don’t dare use the app XD that ONLY being because I get way too emotionally upset over not being able to pay to read parts of stories or stories at all!)) I have to start learning how to digitally draw now, and I think I’ll be good 😆 I really want to use WEBTOON too, but now I’m just blabbering. *is embarrassed*

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