3 thoughts on “Page 37

  1. Hello Lovelies,

    First off, I’m sorry for the late update. As an apology, I will post an extra page this month. So updates this month goes as follows:

    Page 37 Tuesday, June 13th
    Page 38 Tuesday, June 20th
    Page 39 Tuesday June 27th

    On another note, I’d like to wish all rainbow lovelies out there a Happy Pride. Although I haven’t heavily promoted this comic as LGBT+, it is. The reason I chose not to strongly advertised this, is because I want readers to see my characters as just people. I don’t want any of my character’s sexual identity/orientation/etc to become their defining characteristic, because they are more then that. Just as all of you, are also more then the sum of your parts.

    Stay beautiful and proud.

    Rainbow Hugs!


  2. I agree with you on that note. It seems to me that heavy LGBT+ promotion can easily cheapen a comic by making it (and its characters) look less like a stand-alone story and more like propaganda. I prefer these themes to be brought naturally by the narrative.

    Also, that last panel looks like a social media button. 😛

    • OMG! You’re so right, the last panel totally looks like a social media button! Now I feel like I “owe” it to the panel to use it for social media purposes. Thanks for pointing that out Gorzag 🙂

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