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  1. Hello Lovelies!

    Tomorrow is an exciting day! May 31st marks the one year anniversary of The Archer and the Squirrel! I’m so happy to reach this milestone. Thank you to everyone who reads and supports this comic. You mean the world to me!

    When I started this webcomic, I was uploading a new page every other Tuesday; an updating schedule I still run by. However, it was my goal to switch to weekly updates by the comic’s one year anniversary. But then life happened, and I got an unexpected, yet very welcomed, promotion at work. Due to this promotion, I had to “go back to school” so I could acquire some certifications. And this new responsibility resulted in the need to push back my weekly updating goal.

    Although I’m still studying for certifications, I had an idea. I’d like to propose a challenge to both myself and all who read this comic. Currently on Patreon, I have a monthly goal set at $30.00. Reaching this goal would cover the recurring expenses for creating and publishing this comic. So far, there are six patrons pledging $14 a month. If you guys can help me reach or surpass my $30 a month goal, I will switch to weekly updates.

    Patreon logo small

    For those of you who accept this challenge, you will get additional perks as a Patron. There are two pledge levels and each comes with unique perks, such as: early access to new pages, exclusive access to character design sheets and behind the scenes sketches. As soon as the $30.00 goal is reached, weekly updates will start immediately. And weekly updates will continue as long as pledges stay at $30 or more.

    Enjoy this months bonus upload. The next update will be this coming Tuesday, June 6th.

    ~ Tieback

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