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  1. *Updated 3/10/17*
    *I decided to revise this page and continue using the style used on both the cover art pages for the prologue and chapter one. Thanks to everyone who voiced their opinion! Enjoy 😉 *

    Hi everyone!

    Here it is, the first page of chapter two! It’s a cover art page; I love making these. 🙂 Just like at the beginning of the prologue, every new chapter will start with a cover art page. However, I decided to do this one a little different. The prologue’s cover art page had scroll of paper with “Prologue” written on it. Looking back, I just wasn’t digging that, so this cover art page has no labeling on it. I like the more minimalist look. What do you guys think? Do you like this better, or the scroll with text? Tell me in the comments.

    Also, I’m adding to and restructuring the content posted on The Archer and the Squirrel’s Patreon page. Bellow is the new schedule. If you like this comic and want to see pages early or want to see additional work like sketches and character designs, please become a Patreon!

    Week 1:
    Tuesday: Sneak peak sketches of new page posted on Patreon (viewable to $5 Patreons)

    Thursday: New Page is posted on Patreon (viewable to $2 & $5 Patreons)

    Week 2:
    Tuesday: New page is posted on main site (publicly viewable)

    Character design page posted on Patreon (viewable to $5 Patreons)

    Next update will be Tuesday, March 7th.

    ~ Tieback

  2. It certainly is unusual to see cover pages without titles, but in this particular one, it goes very well with the dryad/ghost/ghost-of-a-dryad’s gesture.

  3. *Melts from beholding the beauty*
    I think it’s fine without a title, but you’ll be better off deciding for sure, as it would be strange to have titles on some chapter covers but not others. Seriously, it’s so nice.

  4. Nicely revised.

    But… how did you do it ? Did you somehow remove the paint in the middle of the original page to add that little scroll ? oO

    (I don’t know much about painting)

      • But… but that’s cheating! OO

        No seriously, I couldn’t possibly guess this was photoshopped. Not that I’m particularly good at spotting photoshops, but still, well done. 😛

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