14 thoughts on “Page 28

  1. Hmm… Who is that? It’s definitely not the Noble or the pageboy. Looks like we have a new character people!

    I can’t believe it! This is the last page of chapter one! It feels a bit surreal to be at this point! I’d like to thank everyone who has been following the comic and leaving comments. Your guys are the best!

    Next update will be Tuesday, February 21st.

    ~ Tieback

  2. The green hair with ribs suggests some kind of dryad, I guess.

    (maybe she can transform into a squirrel? :P)

    Congrats indeed for that finished first chapter, and good luck for the second one. 🙂

    • Oh, Gorzag… always trying to figure out the next turn. ;P I love it! Please keep it up!

      Since I wrote the story, everything seems obvious to me. When you share your theories, it helps me better see things from the reader’s perspective. It’s very helpful. Thank you. Hugs!

    • I’m going to go with ghost instead of dryad. She’s without much color and her hair swirls both directions. This comic has lovely artwork by the way.

    • Oh no! My bad grammar is showing. Thanks for letting me know Pink Pitcher. XD

      Although, both words end up working. Surreal, because it’s like a dream to get to this point and Serial, because I think I killed it! (In a good way.) But, the first was my original intent. 😉

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