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  1. Uh Oh! It looks like Lark isn’t alone? Who’s behind her? Maybe the noble came back? Stay turned in to find out.

    Random fact, I’m a bit of a nerd for Ted Talks, and I was so excited to come across a Ted Talk animation the other day about The Hero’s Journey. For those of you unfamiliar, The Hero’s Journey is a story pattern identified by the American scholar Joseph Campbell. I use The Hero’s Journey as a tool when making my own stories, this story included 😉 I recommend giving the animation a watch, it’s quick, informative, and has a nice style. Enjoy!

    Next update will be Tuesday, February 7th.

    ~ Tieback

  2. Is it the squirrel? It must be the squirrel! He is in the title, he has to appear at some point!!! OO

    (unless the squirrel doesn’t exist and it is all a big touristic hoax)

    The animation on the video is really nice, though I already knew the subject quite well. Personally, I think it is important not to follow the pattern of the hero’s journey TOO closely, else your most genre-savvy readers will guess what happens next very easily. (I hate when this happens to me, but so far you are doing good ^^)

    • Hmm.. so you think it’s the squirrel? Maybe yes, maybe no. ;P

      Glad you liked the video Gorzag! I know what you mean about following the Hero’s Journey TOO closely. I usually find those stories a bit too predictable too. 🙂 I like to use the formula loosely, and more symbolically than figuratively. Glad my approach has been working for you so far 🙂

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