13 thoughts on “Page 21

  1. And todays comic was brought to you by the word Vapid, which means to be pretty. Wait… what?

    In other news, The Archer and the Squirrel now has a cover page and I’d love to hear what people think. In addition, I also created a Tieback Tumblr page! It’s my first time using tumblr, and I’m excited to start/learn how to use it!

    Inner Tieback (IT): “Wait, you just now got a tumblr?”

    Tieback: “Yeah… I’m not, you know, a big social media person.”

    IT: “How old are you again?

    Tieback: “Ah… the same age as you.”

    IT: “Worst millennial ever…”

    Tieback: “There’s nothing wrong with being a private person, or being a bit old fashioned.”

    IT: “A bit old fashioned! Are you ever going to get an artist tablet?”

    Tieback: “I prefer pens, paint and paper.”

    IT: “You were definitely born in the wrong decade.”

    Tieback: “I know…”

    The next page update will be Tuesday, November 29th. Chao.

    ~ Tieback

  2. Not a fan of social media either, but I suppose it can help getting more readers.

    Anyway, you confirmed at least one of my hypotheses. 🙂

  3. In a somewhat distant future, on a page yet to be inked and colored,
    A crow, marked with a scar, lands atop a fallen lord of fancy hats…
    Taking a small knife out of the back of the fallen prince and wiping it clean it begins to speak:
    “If thou sticks another with an arrow, best make sure thy target has expired B#%*@.”

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