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  1. Oh, no! He shot the birdie! Poor birdie… 🙁 Since I didn’t know which onomatopoeia word to use for shooting an arrow, I had to create my own. It’s kinda fun making up sound effect words 🙂

    Although the entire story for The Archer and the Squirrel is planned out, I’ve only been sketching out one to two future pages at a time. I thought it might helpful to sketch out more then two, so over this last week I sketched out the rest of the pages for chapter one. (And just to verify, these aren’t finalized pages, they are just rough sketches of a page’s layout and dialogue.)
    I’m really happy I tried this. All these sketches are now taped on my wall, and seeing them everyday has been super motivational.

    Enjoy page 18! Page 19 will be posted two Tuesdays from today on October 18th. Ta Ta!

    ~ Tieback

          • Ok, found it, thanks. 😀

            I have to remember to check the blog, since comic-rocket directly sends me to the comic page.

            (happy to learn Miss Miss didn’t damage your artworks, by the way – I was a little worried while reading that story)

          • No prob 🙂 I’m glad you brought this to my attention. I’ve been wondering how many people are aware of the news updates on the home page and blog. I always write something bellow each comic, but sometimes what I have to share is quite long, so I write it as a separate blog. Maybe I’ll start including a link on the comic pages to the blog, that way it will be more clear that there is a separate news update. Hmm… yes I like that idea 🙂

  2. Is there a way to follow the comic with RSS (or Atom) feed?

    I have tried subscribing to the feed (named “A Webcomic Fairytale”) shown up
    in browser’s address bar while browsing the home page or comic archive page;
    and all I got were blog posts, not the comic itself.

    • Good question xwindows! However, since I am not super techie and I don’t know the answer, I asked the guy who helped me set up this site. He told me, “I believe RSS only sends text with links to the post/article.” I know, that’s not a solution to your problem. 🙁

      To create this site, I used WordPress with a comic theme. To get the site to look and function the way I wanted, a lot of things were changed, some at the code level. Originally the home page featured the newest comic, but the home page was altered to show news updates instead. That change might also be why the RSS links to news updates instead of comic pages. When it’s time to build a new site for this comic, I will keep this problem in mind. Thanks for sharing you concern and being a reader of “The Archer and the Squirrel”! 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply.

        After experimenting on your site using few URL combinations, I found that your WordPress installation generates one RSS feed for each posts context.

        Since you posted comics in `/comic` context, the correct RSS feed URL which comic readers would want to follow is:


        Currently, user must enter this URL manually to follow the comic; so it would be helpful to other readers if you add something like “RSS” item (or feed icon) on site’s navigation bar- linking to the above URL.

      • For the feed list in browser’s address bar, it’s not essential to fix; but you can try asking your site guy to add this snippet of code inside template’s “ tag:

        to get the comic feed listed in browser address bar while user is browsing the site. But like I have already said, this is not essential if you have already added the “RSS” item on navigation bar or anywhere else that readers could easily find.

        • It looks like my HTML code got bleeped out.
          But since it’s not essential, you can just ignore this second post as it’s not useful without the relevant code. Reader should be fine if they already find the RSS item/icon themselves.

          • Hey again xwindows! So, I have good news… I was able to get an RSS feed link put in the menu bar for the site! I hope that makes things easier. Thanks again for bringing up the concern and for your advice on fixing it. 😀

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