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  1. Hi everyone 🙂

    Since this site has been growing in followers, I’ve decided to create Commenting Guidelines to help preserve a fun, respectful and comfortable environment. These guidelines can be viewed at the bottom of each page.

    The next page will be uploaded this coming Tuesday, September 6th.

  2. These guidelines seem very reasonable. If I may point a few typos, though :
    – spamming and advertising ARE not allowed. (plural)
    – These rules exiSt (and not “exit”)

    Also, I like that bird.

  3. Thanks for leaving a date of when the next comic is coming out reall helpful, most comics dont do that. Also if you do rough estimates(2day give or take) I would be fine with that too 🙂 EPIC COMIC CANT WAIT FOR THE TRANSFORMATION AND MORE PLOT CANT WAITTTT FEED ME MOREEE

    • I’m glad you found it helpful! On the top left corner of the website, it’s posted that the webcomic updates every other Tuesday, but I think it would also be helpful to have the exact date of future uploads specified. I’m going to do that from now in my comments bellow each comic page. Thank you for the feedback, it was very helpful 🙂

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