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    Sorry, this page was posted later in the day then normal. I’ve decided to change page updates from every Tuesday, to every other Tuesday, specifically the first and third Tuesday of every month. This page was posted on the third Tuesday of July, so the next page will be posted the first Tuesday of August. For more information, refer to the news post on the Home page.

  2. So it was a conspiracy after all… an advertising conspiracy, apparently. oO

    (on an unrelated note, that comma between “this” and “excitement” looks wrong to me)

    • A conspiracy, you say? Hmm… maybe yes, maybe no, maybe both, who’s to know? 😛

      (Yeah, I debated using that comma; I know I use commas more then not. I try to tone it down, but sometimes I can’t help myself ‘Hugs a comma’ These guys are just so cute! 😀 On a serious note, I am in the process of getting an editor. ^^ )

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. I just found you through comic rocket this morning. Wow! Everything is really beautiful, the story is intriguing, and I can’t wait for more!

  4. That’s… Not a bad theory, actually. The increase in traffic from archers, warriors and bounty hunters, not to mention travelers looking for a glimpse of the beast, would do wonders for the local economy: additionally, as the beast proves impossible to find, the legend will grow and spread, leading to even more foot traffic. False sightings will continue to revitalize the legend, and many false positives and mistakes will be credited as both real and attributed to the squirrel itself.

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