3 thoughts on “Page 11

  1. Enjoy page 11!

    On a side note, anyone coming here from Comic Rocket (CR), for some reason CR isn’t registering Page 11. I’ve tried several things to fix it, but with no luck. I’ve contacted CR about the problem and am waiting for a reply. Sorry if this causes any confusion, I will fix this as soon as I am able. 🙂

  2. I’m from Comic Rocket and page 11 registers just fine.

    It is probably not your fault, I already noticed comics can take a bit of time to be registered. (no more than a day, though)

  3. I just checked Comic Rocket and saw page 11 was linked!!! That made my day! Thanks for letting me know Gorzag! I’m so busy I haven’t explored many comics through Comic Rocket, I didn’t realize it was common for pages to register with a delay. 🙂

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