Comic Hiatus: Please Read

Hello Lovelies,

First off, they finally know what’s wrong! I tested positive for Mono. I tested negative for Mono twice before, but third times the charm. Since Mono is caused by a virus, there is no medical treatment. You just get better, when you get better. And thankfully, I am feeling better.

And now, time for a heart to heart…

While sick, I’ve had time to think deeply. And there are some things I regret. For instance, I regret not spending more time with my friends and family. I regret resorting to quick unhealthy foods, as opposed to taking the time to cook healthy meals. And I regret not having the time to do random art projects, just for the joy of it. This led me to seriously evaluate how I use my time.

Between making pages, doing story boards, producing additional content for Patreons, and working on completing the story’s plot on the side, I spend about 30 hours a week on the comic. My full time job requires 40 hours a week, and I spend another 5-10 hours studying. The time I spend at work and studying is not negotiable, so that leaves the time I spend on the comic. 

I brainstormed some ways I could spend less time on comic. One idea was abandonment, which I don’t want to do. Another idea was updating less frequently, which I also don’t want to do. I also could convert the webcomic into a written story, which I have mixed feelings about. On the other side, maybe after some big life stressors get ironed out, the comic’s time requirements might not be problematic anymore.

I’ve run over these possibilities multiple times, and I can’t decide right now. I need more time to think. But even more so, I really need to focus on my test coming up in February. If I don’t pass it, I lose my current position at work. And right after my test, I’ll be trying to get my first home. So, for my health, sanity, job security, and future living situation, I decided that I need to place this comic on a hiatus. Once I pass my test and get a home, I’ll be in the position to decide what to do.

I want to be frank, there’s a chance this comic may end. I don’t like that idea, but that would be the worst case scenario. I also may jump back in, fully charged, with weekly updates. I just don’t know at this time. I have been on such an emotional roller coster. During the first 20 days of being sick, I had 12 blood tests, 2 X-rays, a CT scan, and trip to the ER. And after all of that, they still didn’t know what was wrong. It was incredibly scary…

I’m not sure the exact date this hiatus will end, it depends when I get a home. The latest should May 2019, because that’s when my lease ends. I know that’s a long time away, and I am sorry. But I need to give myself a break as a get better. And I need to fully focus on securing my job, and getting a permanent home. I hope you can understand. Thank you for reading this post.



3 thoughts on “Comic Hiatus: Please Read

  1. sounds like good, serious thinking going on. definitely hope you find a balance that suits your priorities. i’d be sad to see this comic project end, but would certainly understand. take care, speedy recovery, and all the best to you.

  2. I the long run your health and welfare are far more important than a webcomic. It would be great if eventually you could revisit it, but don’t stress about it. Remember, you have given us a great story with wonderful art.

    Best of luck with your health & your upcoming exams.

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