Change in Updates

Hi all!

I want to let everyone know that page updates will change from every Tuesday, to every other Tuesday, specifically the first and third Tuesday of every month. The most recent page, Page 12, was posted on the third Tuesday of July, so the next page will be posted the first Tuesday of August. I will switch back to my original, every Tuesday schedule, as soon as I am able.

Right now, it takes me a pretty long time to make a single page, and it’s been difficult to complete a new page every week with my other obligations. I am working hard to improve my craft and get faster through, this is one of the reasons I started a webcomic in the first place. I also want to stick to a regular updating schedule, so readers know when to expect new pages. This is why I’ve decided to change the updates to every other Tuesday, a schedule I know I can confidently stick to.

In time, as I get better and faster, I plan to switch back to updating every Tuesday. I don’t know when that will be, but I will be working hard to get to that point. I appreciate everyone who has read this comic, and I also hope everyone can be understanding and respectful of this change.



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