Patreon Update

Good Day Lovelies!

I’m excited to state that The Archer and the Squirrel has gained two new patrons! This moves up the current pledge total to $19 a month. Thank you so much! The Archer and the Squirrel is now only $11 away from becoming a weekly updating comic. We are so close, I know we can make it happen! If you would like to support this project, click the Patreon link below. As a patron, not only do you support this comic, but you also get early/exclusive access to The Archer and the Squirrel goodies!


I hope you enjoy page 38. The next update will be be a bonus page upload, and that will be posted on Tuesday, June 27th.



Happy Pride!

Hello Rainbow Lovelies,

I’d like to wish all rainbow lovelies out there a Happy Pride. Although I haven’t heavily promoted this comic as LGBT+, it is. The reason I chose not to strongly advertised this, is because I want readers to see my characters as just people. I don’t want any of my character’s sexual identity/orientation/etc to become their defining characteristic, because they are more then that. Just as all of you, are also more then the sum of your parts.

Stay beautiful and proud.

Rainbow Hugs!


One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary

Hello Lovelies!

Tomorrow is an exciting day! May 31st marks the one year anniversary of The Archer and the Squirrel! I’m so happy to reach this milestone. Thank you to everyone who reads and supports this comic. You mean the world to me!

When I started this webcomic, I was uploading a new page every other Tuesday; an updating schedule I still run by. However, it was my goal to switch to weekly updates by the comic’s one year anniversary. But then life happened, and I got an unexpected, yet very welcomed, promotion at work. Due to this promotion, I had to “go back to school” so I could acquire some certifications. And this new responsibility resulted in the need to push back my weekly updating goal.

Although I’m still studying for certifications, I had an idea. I’d like to propose a challenge to both myself and all who read this comic. Currently on Patreon, I have a monthly goal set at $30.00. Reaching this goal would cover the recurring expenses for creating and publishing this comic. So far, there are six patrons pledging $14 a month. If you guys can help me reach or surpass my $30 a month goal, I will switch to weekly updates.

patreon logo sm

For those of you who accept this challenge, you will get additional perks as a Patron. There are two pledge levels and each comes with unique perks, such as: early access to new pages, exclusive access to character design sheets and behind the scenes sketches. As soon as the $30.00 goal is reached, weekly updates will start immediately. And weekly updates will continue as long as pledges stay at $30 or more.

Enjoy this months bonus upload. The next update will be this coming Tuesday, June 6th.

~ Tieback

An Artist’s Craft

Hello Lovelies!

Fun fact, two different versions of page 35 were made. After finishing version one, it just felt… wrong. I tried brainstorming some alternatives, and decided to remake the page and take the story in a different direction. This “slight” change resulted in 6 future pages being reworked and two completely new pages being added. Oh, the sacrifices one makes for one’s craft…

Worth it!

If you are curious to see what the first version of this page looked like, you can check it out here.

Your bonus third month upload will be Tuesday, May 30th.

~ Tieback

Become the Beast

Hello Lovelies 🙂

This month has five Tuesdays, so you know what that means! You get an extra page uploaded at the end of the month!

While making this page, I came across a song entitled “Become the Beast”. It’s a beautifully haunting song sung by Karliene. Because I like sharing random inspirational things, I’ve included the music video bellow. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Till next time. Hugs!

Next update will be Tuesday, May 16th.

~ Tieback

Fan Art

Hello Lovelies!

A few weeks ago, some friends of my family had to head back home to Japan. I was sad they had to leave, but I’m grateful I had the opportunity to meet them. One of the daughters in this family, has become a fan of The Archer and the Squirrel. So, as a gift, I made her a fan art watercolor to take with her.

When making this fan art, I lightly researched both the English and Japanese Archery traditions. I decided to incorporate elements of both cultures in the fan art, and I’m very please with how it turned out! If you’d like to see the stages used to create this artwork, you can view the tutorial here.


Next update will be Tuesday, May 2nd.

~ Tieback

Comic Featured on The Duck

Hello Lovelies!

I have some fun news I’d like to share. The Archer and the Squirrel was featured on the front page of The Duck Webcomics! In addition, the comic was also highlighted on the Quackest podcast. A short verbal review was provided by Kawaiidaigakusei, and a beautiful musical theme was created by the composer Gunwale. I squealed when I heard the melody! It’s a distant dream of mine to create a theme song for The Archer and the Squirrel, and someone has already taken a stab at it! Best morning I had all year! XD

Next update will be Tuesday, April 4th.

~ Tieback

Internet Glitch Fixed

Hello Lovelies!

Thank goodness, the software is now cooperating! Sorry again that page 30 would not upload on Tuesday. thank you for being understanding. Ok, on to other news!

I’d like to thank everyone who shared their thoughts on the cover art page for chapter two. After thinking about it for a few days, I’ve decided to stay with the original style used on the cover pages for both the prologue and chapter one. The revised version has been uploaded if you want to take a look. I’m happy with how it turned out. I hope you guys enjoy it too!

I’m so excited to be in chapter two! In this chapter, an important character is introduced. She’s a lot of fun, and I know you’ll love her. Also, if you pay attention closely, you will learn something crucial about Lark’s character. Good luck little Sherlocks! 😉

I’d also like to thank B.K. for supporting this comic by becoming a patron. You are awesome!

The next page will be posted Tuesday, March 21st.

~ Tieback

Patreon Updates!

Hi All!

I’m adding to and restructuring the content posted on The Archer and the Squirrel’s Patreon page. Bellow is the new schedule. If you like this comic and want to see pages early or want to see additional work like sketches and character designs, please become a Patreon!

Week 1:
Tuesday: Sneak peak sketches of new page posted on Patreon (viewable to $5 Patreons)

Thursday: New Page is posted on Patreon (viewable to $2 & $5 Patreons)

Week 2:
Tuesday: New page is posted on main site (publicly viewable)

Character design page posted on Patreon (viewable to $5 Patreons)

Next update will be Tuesday, March 7th.

~ Tieback